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We enjoy framing strategic businesses anchored by the passion of their leaders.

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At Pontinova Consulting we enjoy helping to frame strategic businesses anchored by the passion of their leaders. Our team is passionately dedicated to making a positive impact on the companies we work with. We support you as a business leader to continuously test hypotheses and to stay open to experiment with solutions that lead to long-term breakthrough performance of your business.

We interact with a wide range of stakeholders, apply our unique skills, and use the best resources in the market to support your very distinctive competitive advantage.


  • Growth & Strategy
  • Business Transformation
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Innovation

Why engage with us?

We leverage the DNA of your business.

Generating ‘innovation’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ – especially in the form of innovation-driven enterprises (IDEs) – has emerged as a critical priority in the global innovation economy and new fields of business endeavors. In contrast to most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), IDEs are formed with the explicit intent to build competitive advantage based on new innovations to grow quickly and scale well beyond local markets.

As an established professional management consultancy, we know the biggest threats in pre-seeding, starting, building, growing, and expanding a business. With over 20 years of experience in big corporations and small enterprises, we recognized, that what builds the foundation for the success of each organization – like humans’ organism – is a sustainable DNA.

That is, why we decided to be at the forefront to support your organizations’ needs to build and sustain a high performing, thriving, values-driven business built upon a sustainably evolved DNA.

What you can expect?

We lay the foundation for your success.

We combine a structured Design Thinking Method and KAIZEN to support you in building, growing, or expanding your business, developing new business lines, innovating through new products and services, or approaching new markets. We work systematically on your customer journey, stakeholder matrix, business model and the USPs based upon your value-driven mission and vision that both feed your DNA.

We are certified by the internationally renowned Barrett Values Centre. Based on Barrett’s analytics, the assessments we use are a sophisticated suite of metrics for finding the key insights into the leadership and the DNA of your company. We assess, analyze, and support you in laying down the foundation for a valued-driven DNA in your organization that will let your business and all people involved thrive.

How do we work?

We believe strongly that value-driven leadership is the prerequisite to run a thriving business. To sustain the results and your DNA, we work with the leadership along your way forward. According to your needs, we can find a suitable offer. Our methods are scientifically substantiated, effective, unconventional and a fun experience. We work with the best scientifically proved methods from different disciplines to provide evidence-based results. Our approach:

1. We start with the „brain“of your company – your leaders. We conduct a DNA workshop with your C-level team.

2. We design online assessments, perform the survey, analyze, and present the results to your management.

3. We discuss the results among the leadership first. We compile the outline for an Innovation Workshop.

4. We ramp up the process with solutions and recommendations including leadership and team mentoring.

Meet our team – in Dubai and Zurich or at your workspace.

No matter where
you want your
business to go:

Straight solutions can help you get there.

No matter where
you want your
business to go:

Straight solutions can help you get there.


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